CrossFit Hyattsville is 5700 square feet of awesomeness!  There‚Äôs a ton of space for a large pull-up rig, climbing ropes, rings, and a 130 ft running lane that we can also use for sled work, handstand walks, tire flipping, etc.  There's a large parking lot as well as space inside to stash your bicycle if you prefer to ride over.

When coaching form and technique, safety is our top priority which is why our class sizes will be kept small.  We write programs with a purpose and we focus on helping members of all ability levels achieve their fitness goals while building a strong community and having fun.

We are confident that there is something for everyone at CFH!

Your First Class is Free!

The All Levels Welcome class focuses on using proper technique while increasing the intensity of the workout.  The class format includes a warm-up, strength/skill session, workout and cool-down.  The workouts are constantly varied so you never get bored and all movements can be modified to make them harder or easier.  People of all experience levels are welcome to attend this class.  Please email us at if you have any questions or if you are interested in Personal Training.